Friday, February 19, 2010

Victor de Souza goes far out for Fall 2o1o

The look at Victor de Souza's FW 2o1o show can perhaps be described as "otherworldly". From a makeup standpoint, we call it labor-intensive.
Bibisara modeling 3+ hours' worth of prep: hair, makeup & nails
This was truly a team effort. In fact, the makeup team was divvied up into departments, for an assembly-line approach to GETTING IT DONE.
 Bibi en progres
You're gonna have to guess which task I had. (I shall remain cryptic to protect the innocent.)
Here's the full runway effect:
On this girl, Malu, I actually did everything except the brow.
Freaky-creepy Girl #22...........and.............Bibisara of Kazakhstan*
Victor takes his bow with Malu.
 *What's with the Kazakh girls this season?? Who knows. They're dolls. That Bibi one's mine. Not tellin' you her agency neither. I saw her first!

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