Friday, February 19, 2010

Victor de Souza goes far out for Fall 2o1o

The look at Victor de Souza's FW 2o1o show can perhaps be described as "otherworldly". From a makeup standpoint, we call it labor-intensive.
Bibisara modeling 3+ hours' worth of prep: hair, makeup & nails
This was truly a team effort. In fact, the makeup team was divvied up into departments, for an assembly-line approach to GETTING IT DONE.
 Bibi en progres
You're gonna have to guess which task I had. (I shall remain cryptic to protect the innocent.)
Here's the full runway effect:
On this girl, Malu, I actually did everything except the brow.
Freaky-creepy Girl #22...........and.............Bibisara of Kazakhstan*
Victor takes his bow with Malu.
 *What's with the Kazakh girls this season?? Who knows. They're dolls. That Bibi one's mine. Not tellin' you her agency neither. I saw her first!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

His n' Hers at Michael Kors

6:30 call time. No girls til 8am. Per usual.
Ran into my longtime friend, Shawn Mount, a rad hairstylist. We took a photo to show how enthused we were to be hanging out together at the crack of dawn in a large tent in frigid February.
Eventually, Shawn's wife, stunner Heidi Mount arrived. Lucky me, I got to do her makeup, which is never short on entertainment. We had some laughs, I made up her mug, and then she tweeted about me. Cute!
 I also had the pleasure of painting Vlada's face for the show. Here are Heidi & Vlada together in the line-up:
Here they go, strutting their stuff:
 You can click the pix to view larger.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Narciso Rodriguez FW 2o1o

I'm knackered from a day that started a 5:15am and didn't stop til 7pm. More on that later. Here's how my girls looked at Narciso Rodriguez yesterday, with black mascara in their brows - and little else but powder!
Give it up for Ginta (LOVE!)
And here's Jac at her rack! First Looks.
 Five minutes later...

BTW I did my last turn EVER at Bryant Park this morning, and let's please boo hoo about the Lincoln Center relocation right now so that tomorrow I can just report on Kors (which was in the tents) all happy.. like in a Tarantino movie where someone gets offed and then the the next scene we're back in time to when they were just sitting there lovable, jive talking & eating a hamburger.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Marc Jacobs opens his Fall 2o1o show with...

God love him.

Aside from the greige coolots - !! - here are some highlights from working the wunderkind's fall show last night:
✔ got to work with maestro Francois NARS for the first time = excellent
✔ seeing loads of makeup & hair friends, notably my delightful copine & hair sculptress Cecilia Romero
✔ endless supply of Mangia catering roast beef sammiches
✔ that MJ kitted out the grande salle with cardboard-panel patchwork EVERYWHERE
✔ Tiny blogger Tavi came into the makeup zone to interview Marc - had giant red xmas-present bow hat (with tulle) on top of her dusty blue hair & red shoes with line drawings of toes on the uppers = she really does turn it out
✔ last but not least, making up Kasia Strauss = no bullshit, no ego, just fun!
Here's Kasia with the "intellectual cool girl" makeup look (read: loads of NARS mascara & Barbarella lipstick, plus powder):
On the runway:
....'cause I can't's what his show was like 4 seasons ago, when I first did MJ. Fucking SONIC YOUTH played a mini show-lette whilst the models walked around them rocking out. Cool cool thing, ohhh yeah!

Just home from Narciso at the tents & I go straight back to Bryant Park tomorrow for Kors 6:30am call....the fun just don't stop :)
Nighty nite!

Rocker Chic @ Jill Stuart FW 2o1o

Jill Stuart showed her fall collection at her usual venue, the grand NYPL main branch, right next door to Bryant Park. The look was slept-in feline rock chic eyes.. Of course no blush. No one is feeling cheeky this season - it's all cheekbone, baby!

Here's 16-y.o. Kristina of Kazakhstan, at her very first NY Fashion week, in my chair:
 ...and here she is on the runway:
I did another girl, Lisanne,  when she arrived 5 minutes til first looks. No time to shoot her backstage! Here's how she graced the show in her 2 looks:
You can click the pix to view larger.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Lacoste FW 2o1o

My first show this season was Lacoste, with a 6:30am call time - woo! Fun. The look was black smokey-eyed tennis bunnies.
Here is Behati backstage in my chair & then on the runway!
Here is another girl I did, Tao..
These two - Aidan & Lakshmi - were also my models, I simply didn't have time to snap 'em:
You can click the pix to view larger.
Reports from today's Jill Stuart and MJ shows coming soon....!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cover shot Det Nye

Here's the cover image Det Nye selected for their Feb 2o1o issue. The original shot is on the left, and on the right you see the much-cooler-temperature final.

Original or cooled down: which do you prefer?

The model is Sophie Lie & I did her makeup for this shoot in her home on Dec 8, 2oo9. The photographer is Yoo Jung Sun.