Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Marc Jacobs opens his Fall 2o1o show with...

God love him.

Aside from the greige coolots - !! - here are some highlights from working the wunderkind's fall show last night:
✔ got to work with maestro Francois NARS for the first time = excellent
✔ seeing loads of makeup & hair friends, notably my delightful copine & hair sculptress Cecilia Romero
✔ endless supply of Mangia catering roast beef sammiches
✔ that MJ kitted out the grande salle with cardboard-panel patchwork EVERYWHERE
✔ Tiny blogger Tavi came into the makeup zone to interview Marc - had giant red xmas-present bow hat (with tulle) on top of her dusty blue hair & red shoes with line drawings of toes on the uppers = she really does turn it out
✔ last but not least, making up Kasia Strauss = no bullshit, no ego, just fun!
Here's Kasia with the "intellectual cool girl" makeup look (read: loads of NARS mascara & Barbarella lipstick, plus powder):
On the runway:
....'cause I can't resist...here's what his show was like 4 seasons ago, when I first did MJ. Fucking SONIC YOUTH played a mini show-lette whilst the models walked around them rocking out. Cool cool thing, ohhh yeah!

Just home from Narciso at the tents & I go straight back to Bryant Park tomorrow for Kors 6:30am call....the fun just don't stop :)
Nighty nite!


  1. I love your life. When can I tag along and be your water-runner or something??? xx