Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Emotion in Motion

Wahoo! Spring is finally here in NYC & there's nothing better than dusting off your bike to take a spin around the East Village. Brings me back a couple springs - to shooting this video for Dean & Britta's rendition of a Lee Hazelwood & Ann Margaret tune...

I have to say, am in love with Dean & Britta! They were an absolute dream to work with, as were idea-woman director Sera Rogacki and hair star Andre Gunn.

In addition to "You Turn My Head Around", Sera and Andre and I have done a handful of cool projects together. It takes a good team (plus much fun, flowing coffee & creativity, loads of talent, and excellent editing) to make righteous videos!

See here, the Strokes' Nicolai Fraiture as Nickel Eye.. We made this video for his song "Brandy of the Damned":

Here's another cool concept video for local dolls The Hong Kong. "Tongue Tied" is set to a Bonnie & Clyde story featuring Dean Wareham of - yep, you guess it! - Dean & Britta. The song and album were produced by Ric Ocasek.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Det Nye cover March issue

photog: Yoo Sun
model: Polina Sova
makeup & hair: yours truly
shot on feb 6, 2o1o @ sun studios nyc

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Reasons to Be Cheerful

Here's what arrived via messenger today:
Here's what that looks like unwrapped:
The makeup artist's equivalent of pirate's booty

10 years of hard work, bootlicking & elbowgrease (ok, greasepaint) really DO pay off ;)