Thursday, February 18, 2010

His n' Hers at Michael Kors

6:30 call time. No girls til 8am. Per usual.
Ran into my longtime friend, Shawn Mount, a rad hairstylist. We took a photo to show how enthused we were to be hanging out together at the crack of dawn in a large tent in frigid February.
Eventually, Shawn's wife, stunner Heidi Mount arrived. Lucky me, I got to do her makeup, which is never short on entertainment. We had some laughs, I made up her mug, and then she tweeted about me. Cute!
 I also had the pleasure of painting Vlada's face for the show. Here are Heidi & Vlada together in the line-up:
Here they go, strutting their stuff:
 You can click the pix to view larger.

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