Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SXSW Girls Rock Femme Fatale Lashes

Just back from a dizzying trip to the annual South by Southwest music festival in Austin TX. There was so much incredible music to take in, and a close second to the intoxicating sounds was the nonstop parade of mad style...
Amongst girl rock fans, I noticed a huge resurgence of the classic false lash.
Thank you, Nico, for paving the way.
Cool chicks at the Ray Davies show to BRMC to Spindrift to School of Seven Bells sets were rocking falsies, usually paired with a nice heavy bang. The effect is very "I-could-peer-in-and-pierce-your-soul-if-I-wanted-but-you-bore-me-so-I-won't-bother".
In a word: Beguiling.
 Smiley Serena and her fancy falsies diggin' on Sleepy Sun
Mellow Michelle works the lash illusion with lots o liquid liner @ the Black Angels
The cool thing about rock chic is that it's also recession chic. It's economical both time-wise and $-wise to have a few choice products (waterproof liquid liner & mascara, plus lashes & Duo adhesive) that will amp up the volume on one feature and then you leave the rest of the face alone. 

...Of course it takes a certain devil-may-care air to plop a big fat lash on and walk out the door. If you got it you got it so just do it.
"Cause everybody knows - she's a femme fatale"

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