Saturday, February 19, 2011

JILL STUART f/w 2o11

7:30am call time stings... but...
Three Gorgeous Gazelles. What a treat! 
Girls make a beeline to your chair when they trust you ♥
I mean, come on! How cute is that pre-show face? She's so pumped.
And yet, so pro.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Marc Jacobs f/w 2o11

~ FRANCOIS NARS, describing the look
Maddie, in my chair above & then Jac again!
 Decadent Maddie                                       Jac, a Little Crazy
 This season the collection looks like half of it was festooned by Yayoi Kusama in a mania. Cute hats by Stephen Jones, over perfect ponys by Guido.
The eyeliner is decidedly descendant. This is NOT a cat eye! Blush riding way below the nose & close to the mouth, like one of those old ladies who rubs lipstick on for rouge without even looking in the mirror.  
A little decadent, a little crazy INDEED. 
*    *    *
and....if you ever wondered about the Armory...
 Here's the Runway (above) and what is down beneath it....!