Friday, March 18, 2011

Stüssy Spring 2o11

 Isn't it apropos that my first gig as a California girl would be for quintessentially-Cali brand Stüssy
We shot this look book over 2 days in a downtown studio - about as far from the beach as one can be while still inside LA city limits! The lens woman was Shaniqwa Jarvis, my friend, collaborator, and soul sister. She and I not only share a love of fashion, photo, jetset & dancefloors - we also share a birthday* 
Here's a vid from the shoot...

Stussy - Stussy Womens Spring 2011 Lookbook from Stussy on Vimeo.
 * Our bday is Sunday MARCH 20th...hint iPad hint... 
Honestly, though, if you want to give us a present, please give to Japan. Thx, D

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