Tuesday, March 1, 2011

John Galliano: Memories

Very simply put, my career wouldn't be the same without John Galliano.
It was specifically here, on Galliano's runway productions, that I acquired the expertise that "separates the men from the boys".
I also met dear friends working backstage at his shows, some who I trust with my life. It was a privilege & an honor to work for the man on his eponymous collections, as well as those for Dior. 
If we could set aside our dismay of recent events to celebrate the work of an industrious visionary & maker... 
I invite you to come with me and take a trip...
It started at Dior haute couture Spring 2oo4. 
This was my audition with Pat McGrath, a bona fide trial by fire. 
I tacked down Hana's brows - which I'd only just learned to do moments earlier while watching the demo on the first girl to arrive - and then came the execution of a perfect, graphic makeup: No pressure. 
The show was at the Polo de Paris in the Bois de Boulogne. It was still dark out when we got started. Before first looks, Pat checked my work (my heart racing) & then she declared, "Perfect!" 
Had I known that was just the beginning...

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  1. yoinks-- what a fantastic post! you are a true artiste.