Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rock is Alive & Well

...and it lives in Andrew Stockdale's afropuff.

As of late, I get to play with the front man for Wolfmother's hair. Hair that is bar none the best hair on anyone I have ever touched in the whole world ever. Each time we work together, I gush and unintelligibly coo to Andrew about how his hair rules the school. Gush gush gush.

This most recent time, I got Andrew ready for his magazine interviews and photos at the band's hotel. The morning light is not very rock n' roll, but you can clearly see the righteous Mane of Rock.

Later that night, the band played a surprise show at the tiny venue Bowery Electric. Everything in this cruddy-quality video from that night's show fully rocks.. especially the 'fro that would likely be identifiable even from outer space.

PS. Wolfmother will be back Nov 8th to play @ Terminal 5: ROCK!

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